Cor Groenenberg, Oil, 2004
giclee print on paper (German Etching by Hahnemuhle)
70 x 50 cm (paper size)
49,5 x 40 cm (image size)
impressions: 100

Price: €250, - (incl. 6% VAT, excl. frame)

This is a reproduction of the painting 'oil', 2004, (colection Gasunie) and is a GICLEE print. Giclee is the best reproduction technique available at the moment for fine art. The original painting is digitized in a very high resolution and a special colour profile is added. The ink has a very long life span. In contrast to offset prints there is no raster visible. The word (pronounces Giclee as: zjie-kléé) comes from French and means spraying. This print has been printed on the Epson stylus pro 9800, with 7 colours ultrachrome ink. Other used denominations for Giclee's are: piëzoprints, chromoprints, digital airbrush etc. The term 'digital airbrush' covers the process quite well, because the ink is 'sprayed' in several layers like with an airbrush.