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What's New?: Counter Phase

An exhibition by students and graduates of the Advanced Studies in Painting (MFA), Groningen, Netherlands, initiated by Minerva, School of Arts, Groningen in the context of 'What's New?', a symposium on 'new' media in art. So besides an exhibition of media artists, 'My Mileage may Vary', also an exhibition of 'Painters'. The curator of 'Counter Phase' was the Dutch artist Servie Janssen, who proposed as the working theme the potential of the work in stock in the artist's studio. I decided to present a large selection of my work in a cage. The 'key' to that cage was a computer on which the visitor could browse the content of the cage. This event took place in Groningen, The Netherlands, November 1999.The opening was done by HM Queen Beatrix. The photos give an impression of my presentation at this exhibition.

A short article in the NRC (a Dutch newspaper) of 6 November 1999 gives a review of my presentation and the Media exhibition 'My Mileage May Vary' (in Dutch only).

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